COVID Regulations

During the Corona pandemic, TV Weisskirchen follows the legal requirements of the Hessian state government ( The aim is to reduce the risk of infection for members and their families, friends and colleagues.

Since 11 January 2022, the "2G plus" rule is in effect for our regular training. What does that mean for you?

  • You may participate if you are fully vaccinated/recovered (< 9 months ago), and if you can additionally present a negative on-the-day antigen test or if you have already received your booster shot. A booster shot (= 3rd shot, independent of the vaccine) is valid from the day of the vaccination; currently it is valid indefinitely. Find out more about how to obtain the booster status on the Hessian government's website: (German only).
  • If you receive the on-the-day test from a test centre (see listing below), it is valid for 24 hours and for all venues who follow the 2G-plus rule. Alternatively, you may bring a self-test kit to class (available e.g. at the "dm" chemist stores for 1.75 EUR a piece). Self testing needs to be witnessed by the trainer, and is valid only for the duration of the aikido class. However, we recommend that you get tested at a test centre, because their results are more reliable (it takes about 2 minutes – and it's free).
  • Independent of the booster status, we kindly ask any visitors and participants of trial classes to get an official test centre certificate, as well as participants of seminars and other open-house events.
  • Pupils up to age 18 may alternatively bring their school's testing booklet.
  • We are legally required to check that you carry your vaccination/recovery certificate + test certificate + photo ID with you! The testing certificate is not required if you self-test or have already received your booster shot. If you cannot present those documents we need to deny access to class!
  • When entering the buildings and in the lounge areas you are required to wear a FFP2 mask. You may also wear it during class, but it is not required.
  • There is no restriction to the number of participants, but we kindly ask you to register for each class (see buttons below). This makes it easier for us to compose the required participants lists.
  • Please stay at home if you are not feeling well, or if you suspect to have contracted COVID (typical symptoms). Return only after the quarantine period is over, or after receiving a negative PCR test. Let Klaus or the board of TV Weißkirchen know if a COVID infection was confirmed, so that other training participants can take appropriate measures. (We will treat your information anonymously.)
  • Act responsibly: if you have participated in an event with many participants - especially if it took place indoors - please stay at home for a few days and then take an antigen test at a test centre.
  • On top of this, the guidelines of the TV Weißkirchen club need to be followed.

Test Centres

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