Seminar with Mouliko Halén

The importance of the fasciae—the bands of the conjunctive tissue that create body tension—is being discovered by many movement arts in the last couple of years. Mouliko Halén explained in his seminar at Aikido Oberursel how they can be used in the daily practice of the Japanese martial art. The teacher, who is also a part-time shiatsu therapist, showed a number of exercises that activates this inner core tension. Visitors from all over Germany came to Oberursel to attend his classes.

Guiding with body tension
Guiding with body tension
Mouliko showed various ways to use the long-stranded fascia bands—which connect across our bodies from fingertips to toes—for healthy and effective movement patterns. He demonstrated how they can be used in aikido techniques to gain more security and presence. Another focus of the seminar lay on the 13 kata, a pre-defined partner exercise for defending oneself against a sword with the help of a wooden staff.

Working from the center
Working from the center
Mouliko has been teaching aikido professionally for a few decades, and he shows limitless enthusiasm for the subject. He is equally interested in the inner and outer forms of the techniques, in the flow and in the structure. Having studied a variety of martial arts, his heart is with aikido for which he was awarded the 7th dan from the Aikikai headquarters in Tokyo. It is in his nature to keep exploring new paths, crossing boundaries between aikido and other arts.

Practising the 13 kata
Practising the 13 kata
"I am really glad that Mouliko Halén for the fourth time accepted our invitation to teach at Oberursel", says Klaus Messlinger, head of the dojo. "His interest in the significance of fasciae for the inner forms has developed over the past years, as have his findings on how these principles can be applied in standard aikido techniques. This combination makes him such an interesting teacher." Mouliko's next seminar in Oberursel is planned for spring 2019.

If this made you curious about aikido: regular classes are Tuesdays from 19:00–21:00 at the old gym of Grundschule Stierstadt, Thursdays from 20:00–22:00 and Sundays from 18:00–20:30 at the TV Weisskirchen club house. For a free trial class, come in comfortable sports gear; we practise barefoot. Find out more in the FAQ section.

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Kyu Gradings Autumn 2017

After months of intensive preparation, seven dojo members took their kyu tests at the Aikido Dojo Oberursel. For the first time a "born-and-raised" dojo member earned the right to wear the hakama—Japanese culotte-style trousers—by obtaining 2nd kyu. Jury members Eric Steeves (4th dan), Brigitta Schultz (3rd dan), Klaus Messlinger (3rd dan) and Karin Koers (2nd dan) were very pleased with the good results. Congratulations to all!

  • 2nd Kyu
    • Jörn Fritsch
  • 5th Kyu
    • Ilinca S.
    • Arnold Koch
    • Josef Chovanec
  • 6th Kyu
    • Juan José Doniga
    • Johanna Porr
    • Hannah Olbrich

Kyu Gradings Autumn 2017
Back row: Karin Koers, Klaus Meßlinger, Brigitta Schultz, and Eric Steeves;
front row: Ilinca, Hannah, Jörn, Josef, and Arnold;
not in the picture: Juan and Johanna

Visit our image gallery to see pictures from the jury keikos.

Our Dojo in the Oberursel Newspaper

Today the "Taunus Zeitung" newspaper published a 2/3 page on our dojo under the headline "Fighting without hurting". A well written article with lots of pictures - a great promotion for our work.

Journalist Anja Petter visited our beginners' course together with photographer Heiko Rhode. She was an attentive listener, asked elaborate questions and turned those into a diligently written article. Afterwards Klaus Messlinger and Jörn Fritsch showed some advanced techniques for the photographer.

Taunus Zeitung, 6 September 2017
A 2/3 page in "Taunus Zeitung" issue from 6 September 2017

Lost Items

These items were left behind after events at our dojo:

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