This data privacy statement informs you about the purpose, type and extent to which we collect and use personal data.

This follows the requirements laid down in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the e-Privacy regulation and the German legislation on privacy (BDSG) and telemedia services (TMG).

Secure Access

This website uses an encrypted connection for all of its pages. This connection is secured with a state-of-the-art SSL certificate issued by

Access Data / Server Logfiles

Like any other webserver ours stores every access to our website (so-called server logfiles). This data includes the accessed page, date and time, browser version and IP address of the visitor.

Logfiles serve to identify and fix technical problems. They are accessible only to the technical administrator, and they are deleted in regular intervals.

Storing the IP address is important to protect this website against hacking activities.


Cookies are small files that are saved on the visitor's device (PC, smartphone, etc.); they contain individual temporary information designed for this device. Their purpose is to create a better user experience (e.g. by keeping your login session alive).

You may limit or prevent the use of cookies by adjusting your browser settings accordingly, and you may also delete cookies stored on your device by using the corresponding browser function. However, this may lead to a poor user experience.

Third Party Content and Services

This website uses content and services provided by third parties: YouTube and Vimeo for video display, Google Maps and MapsOpenStreetMap for the display of locations and route planning services. These platforms register the user's IP address and other device-related data, and they use cookies. Wherever we use this kind of content we give you a choice to activate the connection and accept these platforms' terms and services.

We do not use services or plugins provided by Facebook or Instagram, but we link to our content on these platforms.

Web Statistics

We do not create any web statistics to track user behaviour. We trust in our own judgement on the content we provide, and otherwise keep an open ear to your feedback.

Contact Form

If you use our contact form, your data will be transferred to us in order to answer your request. The contact form generates a regular e-mail message to us which we will treat with the same high level of confidentiality as if you had sent it from your personal e-mail client—your data will not be stored on our webserver or in any of our databases, unless you ask us to.


We send out newsletters to keep you up-to-date about our activities.

If you want to receive the newsletter, we need a valid e-mail address and your place of residence; entering your name is desired but optional. We need the information about your location because we send out regional newsletters, making sure that you receive only information relevant to you. In addition to that we store your preferred language and the date and type of confirmation (e.g. written, via web form, etc.).

If you subscribe via a web form we will always send you a message to confirm your e-mail address ("double opt-in"), so we can make sure that you have entered the right details. We do not store any additional details. Any data entered is used solely for your e-mail subscription and not disclosed to third parties.

Every newsletter sent out to you contains an unsubscribe link. If you click on this link, all your personal data saved on our side is deleted or anonymised permanently, so that it is not possible to retrieve your identity.

Event Registration

You may sign up for individual events using a web form. All data saved from this form is only used for the organisation of the event and is deleted or anonymised as soon as the event is over.


This website contains images and image galleries which serve a journalistic purpose by documenting public seminars and special events (e.g. gradings). The images show the participants of those sports events whose written consent we collected before publication.

The image files do not contain any metadata relating to personal information. Neither the location nor the names of the people shown are saved inside the files. Blog articles which contain images may contain captions and descriptions which contain the names and grades of the people depicted, e.g. when they announce successful gradings.

Any person discernible on an image has the right to demand camouflaging their depictions (or any personal information in blog articles). In this case, please point out the pictures and/or blog articles concerned—we will comply with your request at the shortest possible notice.

Access To Personal Data

Only the head of the dojo, the head of TV Weisskirchen's aikido department, the technical administrator and—optionally—a person responsible for communication and PR have access to personal data stored on our servers. They are all required to observe German legislation for handling personal data.

Application, Disclosure, Revision and Deletion

You have the right to (a) demand disclosure about all personal data stored on our servers, (b) ask for this data in a machine-readable format (CSV, Excel), (c) prompt us to change or rectify this data, (d) limit the use of the data, or (e) have it deleted (unless the German law requires us to keep a copy). In any of these cases, please use our contact form or the contact details on our imprint page to get in touch.

Disclosure to Third Parties

Your personal data is not disclosed to third parties, unless you specifically ask us to, or unless we are required to do so under German law. The first instance is assumed when disclosing your data is in the nature of things, e.g. when signing up for a third party's service that requires personalised registration. Should this not be obvious, we will point out the use of your data in each individual case.

PLEASE READ our Imprint, Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions pages for more details.