In Aikido we wear white keikogi (also called "dogi" or simply "gi"). These are Japanese training uniforms consisting of a jacket, trousers and a belt.

In our dojo we wear a plain white keikogi without any decorative stripes, embroidery or flashy brand patches. The uniforms usually have a unisex standard cut, with the size depending on your height. For beginners, gis with a medium weight are best suited. You start with a white belt.

The jackets are usually held closed only by the belt, but there are also models that can be tied with a bow at the side. This is the traditional Japanese style for women; whether you choose it or not is a matter of preference.

Please make sure that the jackets close high on the neck. If this is not the case, please wear a plain coloured or white T-shirt under the jacket.

We recommend looking for special aikido uniforms when buying. Nowadays, there is a wide range of these available from various dealers. Entry-level models start at about 50 EUR. is a local manufacturer from Frankfurt whose uniforms we buy quite regularly. Another recommended shop is (e.g. Intermediate 500g Sashiko Ori); they offer the option to have your gi embroidered with your name (left upper sleeve, please ask us for tips). You should also be able to buy or order uniforms from local sports shops.

Keikogis last for a few years if you take good care of them (wash them at 30-40 degrees Celsius). If you practise regularly or plan to attend seminars, we would strongly advise you to get a spare set.

Always bring a fresh gi to class. Please wash yourself and remove all cosmetics before you put it on. Deodorants in particular can permanently discolour the uniforms over time.

Fold the keikogi in a compact way for carrying (YouTube video). Find out how to tie a belt knot in our step-by-step instructions and in this YouTube video.

Please always bring sandals or slippers to class - the dojo should not be entered with street shoes.

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