Application form

Please download the club membership application, print it out and bring it to class. Download our sign-up guide on how to fill in the German form. The form is also available in the TVW club house (on top of the letterbox at the entrance).

ADO member sheet

Additionally, please download the dojo membership application. The PDF file is an editable form: please use Adobe Acrobat Reader to enter your details before printing it. Print out front and back page, sign it and bring it to class.

Dojo Guideline

There is an extensive dojo guide available for download (German only, updated on 11 October 2021).

PDF files with information on gradings (effective from 11 October 2021):

The grading syllabus complies with the requirements set by the Aikikai Foundation Tokyo. It is highly influenced by the grading requirements of FFAAA, Aikido Federation Germany and Vanadis Aikidoklubb in Stockholm. Additional requirements are taken from the syllabus of Sunyata Aikido Dojo in Oslo.

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